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  • Imagine life in an orphanage in Armenia
  • You have no family – or your parents are too poor to keep you
  • You turn 18 years of age
  • You must leave the orphanage
  • You have no job skills
  • You have little education
  • You have no place to go


  • Prostitution
  • Human Trafficking
  • Alcoholism
  • Teen pregnancy
  • Abusive marriage
  • Suicide


  • A clean, safe home
  • Family environment
  • Job skills training
  • College preparation and education
  • Life skills training
  • Psychological support & counseling
  • Hope –confidence– love



  • Pledge your support annually to commemorate a special day in your
    life–birthday, anniversary, or other important milestone
  • Contribute to Mer Hooys in Lieu of Flowers or Gifts
  • Sponsor a room at our facility
  • Join Club 100
  • Host a Club 100 event for your friends

  • Sponsor a fund-raiser, spread the word, visit Armenia and spend time
    with our residents 


House of Hope- Mer Hooys, Inc, was established in 2008. The organization is a California non-profit tax-exempt corporation. Mer Hooys operates in partnership with the Mother Church in Etchmiadzin, with the blessings of Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians, and the Western and Eastern Dioceses of the Armenian Church of North America.

Mer Hooys is dedicated to reaching out to girls from disadvantaged lifestyles who do not have the means to otherwise acquire meaningful job skills development and training, an advanced education, life and social skills development, psychological and spiritual counseling and mentorship. The program operates in a recently renovated two story building in Yerevan recently named the “Nakashian Children’s Support Center” in honor of its benefactors, the late John, Arpine and Jack Nakashian. Mer Hooys provides a nurturing family environment that instills encouragement and hope for these young adults’ future.

Our girls receive advice and encouragement from skilled professionals, including social workers, psychologists and educators. They receive the necessary assistance and tools to navigate the challenges of education in all areas including language development, self-development and independent living.  Our residents enjoy a supportive program that teaches them the skills needed to lead productive adult lives, and to make positive decisions for themselves, including learning that prostitution, human trafficking, and domestic violence are unacceptable life choices.  Mer Hooys also helps our girls develop long-term goals for their life. They have the opportunity to learn trades under the mentorship of masters in their chosen fields.  They receive training in the arts and music, fitness, and sports.  They also go on cultural and educational field trips to historic sites in Armenia, and are exposed to spiritual and religious training through interaction with clergy from the Mother Church.  Armenia’s future lies in its nurturing of young people. Our mission is to help these youth to recognize and develop their talent and skills and to utilize those assets as a resource on their journey of maturity. By doing so, our mission is to empower the youth of Armenia to be part of the path to securing a better future for Armenia and the rest of the world.


Adrienne L. Krikorian – President (Woodland Hills, California)

Adrienne L. Krikorian, Esq., is a California Administrative Law Judge in the area of Special Education.  A licensed attorney, Ms. Krikorian is also an adjunct professor at Loyola Law School in Los Angeles. She has devoted her extensive volunteer work over the past forty years to a variety of non-profit organizations focusing on the needs of youth and others in need. She has been an active leader in the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church, and has served on the Board of Directors of Haven Hills, Inc. (a shelter for victims of domestic violence).  She is former President of Our Home-Mer Doon, Inc., which serves the needs of young women in Armenia from disadvantaged backgrounds. Ms. Krikorian has served her local parish, St. Peter Armenian Church in Van Nuys in leadership roles since the 1970’s; as a member of the Western Diocese Diocesan Council; and on various boards and committees on the Diocesan level. In November 2014, His Holiness Karekin II, Catholicos of All Armenians, honored Ms. Krikorian, who is a co-founder of House of Hope – Mer Hooys, Inc., by awarding her the St. Nerses Shnorhali Medal and Encyclical, which recognized her lifelong volunteer service to the Armenian Church and community.

Garo Garibian, M.D. – Vice-President (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Dr. Garo Garibian, M.D., received his undergraduate degree at Princeton University and his medical degree at the University of Pennsylvania. He has a busy Cardiology practice in Philadelphia and is the chief of Cardiology at Jeanes Hospital. Dr. Garibian, ordained as a deacon in 1989, has devoted his life to service in the Armenian Church on the Parish and Diocesan level. After the devastating 1988 earthquake, Dr. Garibian visited Armenia numerous times bringing medicines and supplies, acting as an ambassador for the motherland. Dr. Garibian served on the Board of and is a benefactor of Our Home-Mer Hooys, Inc.; he is also a benefactor of the Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem, the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America, and numerous other charitable organizations in the United States. Dr. Garibian is a founder of Mer Hooys.

Deacon Barlow Der Mugrdechian – Vice-President (Fresno, California)

Barlow Der Mugrdechian received his M.A. and C. Philosophy degrees from UCLA, where he majored in Armenian Language and Literature through the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Literatures. For more than twenty years he has taught Armenian language, history, literature, culture, church and a variety of courses on Armenia and the Armenians at California State University at Fresno. Dn. Der Mugrdechian, who recently completed a 2 year term as the Chairman of the Western Diocese Diocesan Council, has been an active leader of the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America, serving in leadership roles both on the Parish and Diocesan level. He served as a board member of Our Home – Mer Doon, Inc., and is a founder of Mer Hooys.

Varouj Altebarmakian, M.D. – Treasurer (Fresno, California)

Varouj Altebarmakian, M.D., received his medical degree from the American University of Beirut in 1974. He is a Board Certified Urologist. Dr. Altebarmakian is Physician in Chief of The Permanente Medical Group in Fresno. He is also an active servant of the Armenian Church, serving on the Supreme Spiritual Council of the Holy See of Etchmiadzin, several terms as Chairman of the Diocesan Council of the Western Diocese, and as a leader on the Parish level. Dr. Altebarmakian was actively involved in the future program planning and fund raising efforts of the U.S. Board of Mer Doon and is a founder of Mer Hooys.

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Father Mesrop Ash - Spiritual Advisor (San Francisco, California)

Father Mesrop, born and raised in Southern California, is the priest at St. John Armenian Apostolic Church in San Francisco, California.  His formative years were devoted to Sunday School, Armenian Church Youth Organization, and the Western Diocese Summer Camp.  As a young adult he began transitioning to a leadership role within the life of the Church, and found outlets for service in Lay Ministry with the youth. During this time he developed skills that would later be of use in his ministry, working with the Armenian Assembly of America and studying in the field Organizational Communications.

He studied at the Kevorkian Seminary and Theological University located at the Mother See of Holy Etchmiadzin in Armenia from 2009-2011. After graduating and serving several months at the St. Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral in Yerevan, he returned to the Western Diocese where he was appointed as pastor of the faithful of St. John Armenian Church in San Francisco. On April 29, 2012, he was ordained into the Holy Order of the Priesthood by His Eminence Abp. Hovnan Derderian, at St. John Armenian Church in San Francisco. Father Mesrop is married to Annie Emerzian Ash and they have a daughter.

Lisa Kalustian – Consultant and Advisory Board

Lisa Kalustian is an accomplished strategist with senior-level corporate and government experience in complex issues management, proactive and crisis communications, policy development and implementation, and media relations.  She has served in leadership positions with California Governors Arnold Schwarzenegger and Pete Wilson, as well as vice president of public affairs for the Western Region of Health Net, Inc., one of the nation’s largest health insurance companies.  Ms. Kalustian has a master’s degree in public administration from USC, a bachelor’s degree in psychology from UCLA, and is a graduate of the Coro Fellows Program in Public Affairs.  She currently serves on the boards of directors of the Armenian Assembly of America and Coro Southern California, and is a Trustee of the Armenian Church Western Diocese Endowment Fund.  Previously, Ms. Kalustian served on the Western Diocese Armenian Church Summer Camp Committee and the board of directors for the Armenian International Women’s Association (AIWA) Los Angeles Chapter.  

Ms. Kalustian has served as a consultant to the Executive Board since October 2013, when she spent six weeks in Armenia evaluating the entire operations of Mer Hooys.  In collaboration with Dr. Mira Antonyan of Fund for Armenian Relief (FAR), executive director of FAR’s Children’s Support Center in Yerevan, Ms. Kalustian and Dr. Antonyan assisted the Board in reorganizing the operational model for Mer Hooys, resulting in the addition of several highly qualified staff members who have proven to be a valuable asset to the program.

Alice Kalustian – Advisory Board (Northridge, California)

Alice Kalustian has been an active leader in the Armenian community and the Armenian Church since her teenage years. She recently completed a two year term as the Treasurer of the Grand Council of the Daughters of Vartan. Ms. Kalustian, who worked for many years as an office manager and bookkeeper, is currently a per-diem administrative assistant for Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Woodland Hills, California. She has three adult daughters, and two granddaughters, and enjoys spending her spare time traveling and volunteering her talents to charitable organizations. Ms. Kalustian serves on the advisory board of Mer Hooys and serves as Assistant Treasurer.

Harriet Jendian Phillips – Advisory Board (Mandalay Bay, California)

Harriet Jendian Phillips has spent the better part of her life serving the needs of Armenian youth. She has taught Sunday School, served as a youth advisor, and as a member of the Youth Activities Committee of St. Peter Apostolic Church in Van Nuys, California. Mrs. Phillips has also served as director of the youth program for the San Fernando YWCA, as a member and president of the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles YWCA, Ways and Means Chairman, program chairman for the Granada Hills YW Wives, and as a Girl Scout leader. Professionally, Mrs. Phillips has served as event planner, owned and operated a catering company, and has lectured and demonstrated food decorating to many community organizations, schools, and church groups. Mrs. Phillips was co-owner of J-4 Communications, serving as executive secretary and office manager. She is married to husband Tom, has three daughters and one son, 3 stepsons and 15 grandchildren, ages 4-18. Mrs. Phillips continues to serve as an active community leader alongside her husband. In their spare time, Mr. and Mrs. Phillips travel extensively throughout the world, including Armenia, enjoying the many sights and people of each country they visit.

Lynn Nakashian – Advisory Board (Warren, New Jersey)

Lynn became interested in the plight of youth in Armenia when she visited the country with her father John Nakashian in 2006. He was so moved by what he saw that he provided generous financial support to renovate the abandoned and dilapidated two-story former kindergarten school that is now the home of Mer Hooys. Both Lynn and her daughter Melanie are active in service projects, including participating in building projects by the Fuller Center for Housing in Armenia. Lynn recently completed a term on the Board of Deacons of the Liberty Corner Presbyterian Church in New Jersey. She is a member of the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance National Response Team for the Presbyterian Church. Lynn received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Bethany College (WV), and her master of science in journalism from West Virginia University. She works in the pharmaceutical industry.

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